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Residential Renovations/Additions:

A Northern New England Style Attached Barn Addition

A hybrid timber timber frame by Benson Woodworking completes the barn motif for this addition to a colonial era house.

A Modernist Renovation and Addition

1970's Modernist house gets a face lift and an addition including a FourSeasons brand sunroom for a working greenhouse.

A Victorian Restoration and Addition

An 1890's victorian, having fallen into disrepair, is restored and enlarged.

A Freestanding Wall Bedroom and Bath Renovation

A freestanding wall separates a bath from it's dedicated bedroom to relieve the claustaphobia from an 1800's farm house.

A Colonial Addition

A major addition and partial renovation to a colonial era house.

A Four Car Garage Addition with Guest Suite and Game Room

Almost a building to itself, a second floor living room type space takes the opportunity for a cathedral ceiling

Robert T. Coolidge, AIA, Architect
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