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Since 1990, Robert T. Coolidge, AIA has provided superior home design, commercial and professional office design and restaurant design in Southern New England.  His work includes designs for new space, rebuilds from teardowns, and renovations of all kinds.  Residential projects range in size from large, multi-building new home design to kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Thinking of himself as something of an orchestra leader, Robert Coolidge, AIA sees designing and building a home, office or restaurant as a string of decisions, a chain of largely interdependent judgment calls.  Each decision is based on its effect on other project elements as well as its stand-alone value.  Subsequent decisions fall into place with minimum effort, and in so doing confirm the integrity of Rob’s designs.  

Rob Coolidge offers compelling architectural design, always within a framework of outstanding client service.  The heart of his approach is listening:  with no preconceived notion of what a design ‘should’ be, Rob considers the client’s wishes with a professional eye.  Final designs fulfill the client’s visions in an architecturally distinguished, original manner.   Case study

Rob’s method is to sort out the principal issues up front, setting priorities and design goals, defining the project’s road map.  A universal concern is the design vs. dollars issue that arises in virtually every project.  Through sharp management of architectural design and building budgets, Rob has led many clients to cost-conscious, beautiful - but often unexpected - design options. 

Rob’s expertise includes in-depth knowledge and experience in zoning issues and commission (wet-lands, coastal area management review, historic districts, etc.) matters.  Here, common topics such as or permissible building mass within the required set backs or building over an existing garage are addressed.  Rob’s knowledge of the intricate approval and variance procedures affords each of his client’s well-grounded advice and saves hours of indecision and angst.

Robert T. Coolidge, AIA, Architect
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