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Residential New Construction

A Broad Gable House

A broad gable house faces a water view and provides a private loft with the best view of all tucked under the ridge.

A "Lighthouse" House

The image of a lighthouse gives a waterfront house a distinctive image as well as a special room with a view.

A Lakefront Modular House

Modular construction speeds time from tear-down to re-build on lakefront property.

A Shingle Style Double Gable

New house on a tidal river presents a double gable to the street and windows to the view in back.

A House with First Floor Master Bedroom Suite

New house for a couple with grown children functions as a one story house, with room for visitors upstairs.

A Hilltop House

New house designed to look similar to the house above, but with a completely different interior.

Robert T. Coolidge, AIA, Architect
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