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Rob Coolidge designs beautiful new space and renovations for businesses as well as homes in Southern New England.  He is a licensed architect as well as licensed interior designer.  

Academically distinguished from most architects, Rob earned a BS in another discipline, physics, before he earned his Masters of Architecture.  His creative right brain seems to be guided by his scientifically oriented left brain….and the opposite is also true.  His style reflects this dual orientation, for his work is at once artistic and practical.  “Architecture is the intersection of art and science,” he says, “I enjoy the switching back and forth between being an artist and being an engineer.  That is why architecture is a perfect career for me.” 

Other Coolidge pursuits also reveal his mastery of the creative and the scientific.  Mr. Coolidge is a sculptor, has dabbled in metal furniture and created the plaqued white elephant pictured here.  (He met his wife in metal sculpture class – they wielded oxyacetylene torches together.  It was a fiery beginning.)   He is a photographer with a sensitive eye, and takes & edits many of his own project shots.   In addition, Mr. Coolidge has worked in ink, pencil, charcoal, chalk and watercolor, greatly appreciating each medium for the opportunity it presents to solve a different creative or technical challenge.   Professionally, Rob Coolidge has developed the highest level of proficiency in CAD and the other software tools that are staples of the architectural profession; again this expertise bridges the worlds of art and science in which he thrives.

Mr. Coolidge started his own practice in 1990.  His goal was straightforward:  to follow a strong client service ethic while providing clients with well-grounded creative design ideas and beautiful solutions to design challenges.  The firm of Robert T. Coolidge, AIA has flourished following that model.  

Rob approaches his  practice not just with a strong client-service focus, but also with the belief that the client also has excellent design or floor planning ideas for the space in question.  It is the client, after all, who has been daydreaming about this for years!  Thus his designs, when inspired by the client, embody a first-rate professional interpretation of the client’s personal dreams and ambitions. 

His prior experience includes service at Centerbrook Architects in Centerbrook, CT and at Research Planning Associates in Philadelphia.


Licensed Architect – CT
Licensed Interior Designer – CT

American Institute of Architects

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
     BS Physics
Rhode Island School of Design
     Introductory Graphic and Architectural Design
University of Pennsylvania
     Master of Architecture

Robert T. Coolidge, AIA, Architect
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